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london ontario chiropractor helps patient with sciatica and leg pain numbness tingling using chiropractic adjustments and active release techniques ART soft tissue treatment
london ontario sciatica low back pain leg pain numbness tingling weakness relief chiropractic
london ontario sciatica low back pain relief numbness tingling weakness using chiropractic adjustments
Sciatica Relief - London, Ontario

Have you been dealing with pain related to sciatica and live in the London, Ontario area? We can help!

No pun intended but sciatica can be a real "pain in the butt!" If you have the constant buttock or leg pain, feelings of numbness or tingling in your feet or leg, or sharp pain into your calves or feet, you know exactly how debilitating sciatica can be. These symptoms should never be ignored! While symptoms relating to sciatica can be irritating and concerning, oftentimes they can be successfully managed through conservative treatment


Sciatica usually results from compression of a nerve root in the low back or compression of the sciatic nerve which runs down the back of the leg. These symptoms can be the result of many different conditions ranging from those more serious (e.g. disc herniation, spondylolisthesis, or spinal cord compression) to those which are more easily treated (e.g. piriformis syndrome [muscle tightness,] joint dysfunction, or nerve entrapment.) It is only after a thorough history and physical examination that the severity of the condition and prognosis can be determined. Radiographs (e.g. xrays) or advanced imaging (e.g. MRI) are sometimes required to aid in making the proper diagnosis. 

Fixing the Problem

If your sciatica is the result of muscle tightness, joint dysfunction, or nerve entrapment, there are many conservative options for treatment to help get you out of pain. Myofascial release can address most soft tissue components of sciatica and hip pain by releasing tight muscles, breaking up fibrosis (scar tissue,) and helping free entrapped nerves. Soft tissue therapy and chiropractic adjusting powerfully complement each other by addressing both the joint and muscular components which are responsible for causing many common low back and leg ailments. 

We would love the opportunity to help you get you relief from your sciatica. After performing an initial history and examination, if Dr. Butkus sincerely feels he can help you, he will recommend a conservative plan of a treatment that best suits your individual needs and requirements. 

Contact us today to set up your first appointment. Stop living in pain unnecessarily. Let us help get you back to your BEST self! 

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