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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief - London, Ontario
london ontario chiropractor helping patient get relief from carpal tunnel syndrome repetitve stress injury with active release techniques ART soft tissue therapy and chiropractic adjustments
london ontario chiropractor helping patient get chronic wrist pain relief using chiropractic adjustments and active release technques ART soft tissue therapy
london ontario chiropractor uses cold low level laser therapy to help with pain swelling and soft tissue healing

Have you been coping with the pain and symptoms related to carpal tunnel syndrome and live in the London, Ontario area? If so, there is no need to suffer unnecessarily anymore. We have been successfully treating people for carpal tunnel syndrome for over six years. 


If you work at a desk or have a job that involves repetitive hand motions, you have probably experienced a form of carpal tunnel syndrome at some point in your life. You know how it starts -- the sensations of numbness, the tingling, and the pain in your hands? These sensations are usually the result of pressure on a main nerve in your wrist or forearm. While these symptoms can be debilitating and concerning, they do not need to be permanent. 

Fixing the Problem

Muscle tightness, repetitive strain, and overuse injuries can all be major factors for people suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome. The wrist and forearm are complex structures so often times injuries are not the result of a single cause and tend to have numerous factors, mostly soft tissue related, playing a role in generating the symptoms related to carpal tunnel syndrome. 


How We Can Help

Myofascial release can address most soft tissue components of carpal tunnel syndrome by treating tight forearm and hand muscles, breaking up fibrosis (scar tissue,) and helping free entrapped nerves. Soft tissue therapy and chiropractic adjusting powerfully complement each other by addressing both the joint and muscular components which are responsible for causing many common wrist and hand ailments. 

We would love the opportunity to help you find relief from your carpal tunnel syndrome. After performing an initial history and examination, if Dr. Butkus sincerely feels he can help you, he will recommend a conservative plan of a treatment that best suits your individual needs and requirements. 

Contact us today to set up your first appointment. Why wait any longer? Let us help get you back to your BEST self! 

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