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Chiropractic care helps thousands of Ontarians lead healthy and happy lives. Routine chiropractic care can help you avoid many of the aches and pains encountered from day-to-day life and allow you to keep doing the things you love to do!

From high-level athlete to weekend warrior, chiropractic can help get rid of nagging injuries, prevent new problems from developing, get your body performing optimally, and keep you in the game! 

Chiropractic deals with much more than just the spine. If you have joints and muscles, you likely can benefit from chiropractic care at any age. Treatment plans are customized to the unique needs of every patient.

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About Us

Dr. Mark Butkus

London, Ontario Chiropractor

london ontario chiropractor dr. mark butkus true motion chiropractic master of clinical science sports



Doctor of Chiropractic (summa cum laude) University of Western States, Portland, Oregon, USA

Master of Clinical Science (Interprofessional Pain Management)

Western University, London, Ontario

Bachelor of Medical Sciences (Honors Microbiology & Immunology)

Western University, London, Ontario

Are you looking for a chiropractor in London, Ontario? Look no further! Dr. Mark is a former high-level athlete and has suffered from chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain due to many sports-related injuries. Chiropractic care helped change his life and it could change yours too!


As a teenager playing Junior "B" hockey locally with the Strathroy Rockets and London Nationals, he regularly sought help from a chiropractor to help heal various injuries and keep him playing at his best.  He was amazed at how chiropractic care helped to eliminate his pain and keep him in the game. After graduating from Western University here in London, Ontario, Dr. Mark jumped at the opportunity to attend chiropractic school so he could help people get out of pain and get the most out of their lives just as his chiropractor had always helped him. He graduated summa cum laude in 2010 from The University of Western States in Portland, Oregon with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and has been a practising chiropractor in the London, Ontario area since early 2011. A firm believer in lifelong learning, Dr. Butkus recently graduated from the Master of Clinical Science (Interprofessional Pain Management) degree program at Western University.


In his spare time, Dr. Mark loves keeping healthy and active through martial arts (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,) lifting weights, playing recreational hockey, growing hot peppers, spending time with his beautiful wife and son, and walking their energetic Siberian husky.

About Us

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."

                                                                                                               - Thomas A. Edison

Our Services

Chiropractic Care


A safe, non-invasive, drug-free method of alternative healthcare that focuses on the spine and other joints of the body. Benefits of chiropractic include decreased pain, increased range-of-motion, and improved joint function. 

london ontario chiropractor helps low back pain
Myofascial Soft Tissue Therapy


A hands-on therapeutic approach that is effective at treating problems with muscles, fascia, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. Specific injuries that apply are repetitive strains, sports injuries, overuse conditions, and joint dysfunction.

london ontario chiropractor helps neck and shoulder pain with active release techniques
Low Level Laser Therapy


Uses laser light energy to help increase cellular function and stimulate tissue healing.  Laser is non-invasive, painless, and is used to help treat many common conditions including arthritis, muscle strains, tendinitis, bursitis, bruises, and many other types of soft tissue injuries.

london ontario chiropractor uses low level cold laser pain relief
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation


Utilizes specialized stainless steel instruments designed specifically to detect and treat soft tissue fibrosis. Treatment can help reduce pain and restore function in affected tissues. Particularly useful for treatment of chronic  plantar fasciitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

london ontario chiropractor uses instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation to help with plantar fasciitis and carpal tunnel
Rehabilitation and Wellness


We treat each patient's case on an individual basis. If required, rehabilitative exercises, activity modifications, and dietary changes may be recommended in order to help with healing and overall well-being. While extremely useful for treating acute injuries, chiropractic care also plays a significant role in helping people lead healthy, active lives through regular wellness care check-ups. 

london ontario chiropractor helps with wellness and rehabilitation healthy living
Kinesiology Taping


Hypoallergenic tape designed to have the same properties of human skin and is able to integrate with the neurosensory and circulatory systems of the body without hindering joint and muscle ranges of motion. Taping can be useful for providing postural support, reducing acute or chronic  pain, or enhancing lymphatic  flow (reducing swelling). 

london ontario chiropractor kinesio taping pain relief helping swelling sports injury
Our Services

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"The Gold Standard in Soft Tissue Treatment"

Conditions Treated

If you are in the London, Ontario area and living with pain, let us help you! Dr. Butkus regualrly helps our chiropractic patients find relief from an extensive variety of conditions including neck pain, back pain, sciatica, arthritis, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, as well as many other work and sports-related injuries. Provided below are links to more detailed information about some of the most common conditions our patients seek relief from. This is not an all inclusive list by any means, so if you have questions about a particular symptom or condition that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page. We are always happy to do our best to answer any questions you may have!

Conditions Treated

Did you know that 7 out of 10 Ontarians have some form of Extended Heath Care coverage which may include chiropractic care?

Our Approach


Our approach at True Motion Chiropractic is very simple. We want to get you out of pain and back to doing the things you love to doThis begins by listening to you explain your problem, performing a thorough examination, forming the correct diagnosis, and proposing an appropriate plan of management.


The initial phase of care is typically to get you out of pain. Treatment is usually centered around chiropractic to restore joint mobility and myofascial release to break up scar tissue and increase soft tissue functionality. Used in conjunction, these treatments provide the body an environment to heal itself faster and give you more lasting results. 

The next phase of treatment is rehabilitation. Once you are out of pain it is essential to start strengthening weak muscles and reprogramming incorrect movement patterns. Exercises are centered around regaining function, not only to help get you back to living your life, but ensuring that your problem has a much less likelihood to return in the future. 

The final phase of treatment is wellness care. After pain has diminished and function returned, it is essential to maintain your physical capacity and catch any developing problems early before they have a chance to develop into larger ones. Much like going to the dentist for wellness check-ups on a regular basis is recommended, the same goes for the body. Preventative maintenance goes a long way in keeping you healthy, active, and functional. 

Our Approach



  1. a system of complementary medicine based on the diagnosis and manipulative treatment of dysfunction of the joints, especially those of the spinal column, which are held to cause other disorders by affecting muscles and nerves.

Our Pledge

We know that finding the right chiropractor can be a long and stressful process. It shouldn't be. We pledge to ALWAYS place the needs of you, the patient, first when it comes to any treatment or care recommendations. Rest assured that any treatment proposed or performed will always have your best interest in mind.


If at any point during the initial assessment Dr. Butkus sincerely feels that you would not benefit from chiropractic care or your condition would be better helped by seeing another healthcare provider, you do not owe anything for the visit. Also, if you feel during the initial visit that Dr. Butkus would not be a good fit for helping manage your unique health care needs, you do not owe anything for the visit. What this means is that there is absolutely NO RISK to find out if we can help you. What are you waiting for?


Contact us today to set up an appointment and let's work together to get you back to being your BEST self!

Our Pledge


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Our Address

True Motion Chiropractic

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London, Ontario N6A 1T8

T: (519) 963-1960 \\ F: (519) 963-1961

Treatment Hours

Mon - Fri  9:00AM – 6:00PM


* Appointments outside of regular office hours can be arranged if required*


Proudly providing high quality chiropractic care to the London, Ontario area since 2011





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